Important Tips For Controlling Anxiety

Important Tips For Controlling Anxiety 1

According to studies, anxiety could actually be good for us, as it provides a surge of energy, wakefulness, and an intrinsic drive to help one get through the day. Nevertheless, anxiety can get out of control to the extent of interfering with our work, social lives and health.

If left unattended to, anxiety can progressively increase until it becomes almost impossible to eliminate from one’s life. If getting rid of that anxiety is the main reason you are reading this article, then read on, as we’ll show you some useful tips to help you deal with your out-of-control anxiety. 

1. Acknowledge it

Acknowledging your anxiety is usually one of the first things to do when looking to eradicate it completely. While anxiety might be characterized by intense worry, an uncomfortable feeling with overwhelming thoughts, and etc, anxiety manifests differently in different people.

For some, it might be accompanied by physiological reactions such as sweating or shortness of breath, while for others, it might be palpitations or increased heart rate. Once you’re able to identify the fact that you have anxiety, you’ll be better able to control just how anxious you get by identifying the things that trigger your anxious feelings.

2. Stomach breathing

According to studies, breathing regulates your sympathetic nervous system and regulates the release of hormones that cause the physiological reactions that result from anxiety. When you breathe with your lower stomach, automatically you are able to breath in more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide.

More importantly, stomach breathing will help you shut down leftover physiological reactions that might have resulted from your anxiety.

3. Don’t ignore it

Whether or not you are so busy that you barely take notice of your anxiety, ignoring it will definitely not cure it. Health professionals will often advice that, attending to your anxiety automatically means you are ready to take control of it.

4. Channel it

Who says anxiety can’t be useful? Studies have proven that when anxiety kicks in, the body produces dopamine and serotonin, which in-turn provide just about the amount of energy one needs to engage in a physical activity like going for a run or hitting the gym.

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