How Important Is Water to Your Health?

Studies have indicated that water is one of the most essential components for survival, and the importance of water has been attributed to the fact that it contains oxygen. An individual may survive without food for days or even weeks, but to survive with without water for a long period of time will be extremely difficult, as about 70% percent of the human body is said to be made up of water. Find out more on exactly how water is beneficial for the human body in this article:

1. Effective for weight loss

You want to lose some pounds and look healthy? Just make sure you are getting enough water. The technique is simple: drink about 2-3 glasses of water before each meal and you will immediately feel filled up thereby consuming less food when you eat.

2. Helps in the digestion process

Water is a universal solvent and as such, is a highly effective and useful component in the digestion process, helping the enzymes in the stomach to dissolve foods easily. Drinking enough water during and subsequent to a meal will help prevent constipation.

3. Boosts attentiveness

Water will keep you alert and focused.  It is medically advised to frequently consume more water to stay awake than to consume caffeine. Apart from frequent urination, there are no side effects to drinking water. Water just has a way of boosting your attentiveness and making you feel refreshed.

4. Good for the joints and cartilage

An adequate consumption of water is very necessary for the smooth functioning of our joints and cartilage. The function of water resembles the function of hydraulics in the shock absorbers of transportation vessels: water keeps our joints lubricated by seeing that the cartilage around these joints remain as hydrated as can be, and better prepared to absorbed the shocks from everyday activities such as walking.

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5. Regulates body temperature

Apart from being a lubricant, water can sort of act like the thermostat in our electric irons. The body mainly cools down through the help of the sweat glands in our skins. After some tedious work or a long walk, the body begins to heat up, and consumption of water at that moment helps the sweat glands to render a cooling effect and regulate the body’s temperature.

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