How to Improve Your Posture With 6 Easy Moves

Do you want to improve your posture in the shortest time possible? If yes, then follow the instructions for different moves below.

1. Warrior row

This move, when done properly, will effectively enhance your body posture. To begin, stand firmly with your right foot forward and stretch your left foot backwards (more than shoulder width-apart). Once you have achieved this, place your right elbow on your right thigh and hold a 5 pound weight on you left hand. Now stretch your left hand downwards (towards the floor) and then pull it up as high as your chest level.

2. Squats

Routinely engaging in squats is a dynamic way to improve your posture. Squats will stimulate the whole length of your muscles, glutes, hamstrings, hips and quads. A health expert has opined that making squats a daily routine will help in building the muscles that will eventually help in keeping your body upright.

3. Pilates

This exercise helps to maintain a proper body alignment. To perform this exercise, stand straight on a flat surface, hold a ball with both hands, straighten your hands forward and then raise your left foot backwards slightly above the ground. The beauty of this exercise is that it greatly improves your stamina as well as strengthen your abdominal muscles.

4. Try yoga 

Yoga has also been shown to render invaluable benefits to the human body, be it Vinyasa, Bikram or Ashtanga yoga poses, all will help in improving and maintaining a good body posture. An expert was reported as saying that these poses will “elongate the spine and strengthen the parts of your body that make up your core.”

5. While sleeping 

The manner in which you sleep can also affect the type of posture you eventually develop over time. So to ensure that your posture is positively affected, make sure that you use a firm mattress. This will help you in keeping a proper back support and if you prefer to lie at your side while sleeping, it is advised to keep a small pillow in between your legs so as to keep your spinal cord in a straight alignment with your body.

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6. Sitting for long hours 

The world nowadays seems to support a sedentary lifestyle. So if you find yourself in such a position where your type of job demands a sedentary life style, ensure that you use a chair that is comfortable enough and is designed to properly support your back.

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