Improving Your Bench Presses

If you go to the gym, you will likely have seen that most people that go to the gym are mainly doing a lot of bench presses. There are a lot of training approaches out there which makes it difficult to choose which approach to follow. However, if you want to push your body to the limit, then you have to consider a proper diet and training, good techniques and the right mindset. Read on for more hints and tricks on how to greatly improve your bench presses.

Use proper techniques

Your technique could be a hindrance that’s preventing you from doing stronger bench presses. In fact, not using the proper technique can prevent you from finding your true maximum physical limits.

Master the grip

Grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, keeping it near your wrist and not your fingers. An extensive grip messes with the stability of the weight, while a close grip triggers your triceps more than your chest. Squeeze the bar firmly. Act as though you’re trying to break it as you start. This will work your triceps and get you in the fighting attitude.

Push up in a straight line

Try pushing the weight up in an even and straight line. Don’t stop when the bar gets to the lowest point. Bring it down and push it up in one single movement. Thrust your shoulder blades together as you press to get your upper back straight and tight.

Max out at least once a week

Perhaps you drill your chest three or four times a week. You’d be puzzled to find out that many people never bother to max out once throughout the week. Maxing out is a single bench press at the highest weight that you can lift.

Lift weights that you struggle with

When the human body gradually gets accustomed to lifting heavier weights, it gets used to it and starts building muscles to support that heavier load. If you’ve never tried bench pressing heavier loads, the body never forces itself to adjust and you retain your current maximum for all intents and purposes. Improving your bench presses is often as easy as occasionally working with heavier weights.

Make sure that both arms can lift equal weights

If you’re like the average weightlifter, you will notice that your dominant hand is a little stronger than your non-dominant hand. Unfortunately, you can bench press as much as your non-dominant hand will allow you to. To bench press more, saddle your weaker hand with more of a workout so that it will develop to become as strong as your dominant hand.

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