Increasing the Intensity of Any Exercise

Getting engaged in a constant physical activity is great for your health. There are a countless number of health benefits that you can derive from constantly exercising, including weight maintenance, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduced risked of diabetes, reduced risk of high blood pressure and improved mood balance. Despite the fact that 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity is required weekly, many studies show that increased time and intensity gives out greater benefits.

Increase the intensity of your walks

Walking on a day to day basis is a great low-impact exercise.  Just like jogging and running, it comes with the same benefits but without the impact to your hips and knees. Restful walking is great, but then again, you can increase the force of your walk by walking on the sand if you live near a beach. It’s difficult to push off in the sand and makes your feet and legs work significantly harder while you’re walking.

Do higher-intensity runs

Increasing the strength of your consistent runs or jogs can help you to drastically increase your overall speed and endurance. Attempt the following to increase the intensity of your runs:

  • Increase the distance of your run by a quarter of a mile each week. The longer you go, the better trained your cardiovascular system will become.

Increase the intensity of your cycling

Cycling is a great aerobic exercise. And more than that, there are numerous things you can do to increase the intensity. Try:

  • Taking a spin class. These classes are naturally high in intensity and cause you to work very hard.
  • Dodge cycling in town, where there are traffic lights and stop signs. Exercise in a space where you can go at high speeds for long distances without having to stop.
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Make weight lifting more difficult

Weightlifting activities are nothing like aerobic exercises as they are used to build more muscles and strength. However, there are a lot of ways that you can increase the intensity of these sorts of workouts as well.

  • An easy way to increase the intensity of a weightlifting routine is by doing more sets or adding more reps per set.
  • A different approach to increase the intensity of your exercises is by taking longer time when you’re lowering a weight (for example, when you’re lowering your arms back to the starting position after a bicep curl). This helps to draw out the exercise and the duration during which your muscles are working.

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