How to Keep Face From Cracking and Moist During the Cold

The cold period is just one of those period people just don’t anticipate. It can be lovely but it sure has its sad parts. In all its best one is everybody is prepared as the temperatures begin to drop your body is affected, your skin starts to look funny, dry lips and your face doesn’t have that glowing look that summer gives. There is hope as long as we don’t fail to carry the essentials. Here we go.

1. Moisturize                       

Moisturizing is your power weapon this period. 24/7 your body should be moist and soft, not dry and hard. Your feet, knees, elbows should be moisturized. If possible carry a Vaseline with you always. Dress appropriately too.

2. Don’t rule out the humidifier

This is a must have and must use. It will help your skin and prevent that dry flaky layer and look on your body.

3. Keep a bottle of hand cream in your purse or on your desk

For your hands, carry a hand cream or lotion better still a Vaseline for them. They should be moist to avoid those dry, coarse handshakes.

4. Don’t shower in super hot water

You can shower with hot water, but not too hot, so as to not burn your skin, as that too can contribute to your skin being dry. Plus extremely hot water removes the natural oils from your skin that brings about dryness.

5. Brush your lips with a toothbrush 

Have a lip balm for your lips. Never allow it dry. Don’t shave too often as well, oil your lips plus, they will be covered anyway.

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6. What about those dry under-eye patches

For the patches under your eye, Vaseline or any ointment your doctor prescribes will be the ideal.

7. Ditch the drugstore makeup remover wipes 

Anything that will get your skin dry and flaky should be avoided. Instead of the wipes, you can use the cold cream cleanser, that moisturizes as well as removes make up. Avoid ointments that have alcohol and sulphate as they will irritate the skin.

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