Kidney Problems and Their Preventions

The kidney of the human refers to a pair of bean shaped structures found at the back of the abdomen. The kidney functions to remove waste or toxic materials from the blood and regulate fluid and electrolyte balance in the blood. The kidney is also responsible for the production of urine. When the kidney is not under a proper care, then kidney could suffer a wide range of complications. Some of these complications are given below.

1. Glomerulonephritis

This is a situation where the bodies immune system mistake certain substances in the kidney for harmful infection and attacks the kidney. This will cause the kidney to not function properly.

2. Kidney stones

This is a situation where urine minerals in the kidney solidify to form crystals. These kidney stones can obstruct the flow of urine and cause serious pain in the body.

3. Pyelonephritis

This is a bacterial infection in the kidney, commonly as a result of untreated bladder bacterial infection.

4. Polycystic kidney disease

This is a genetic disease. There is presence of cyst in the kidney which causes the kidney not to perform its functions well.

5. Diabetic nephropathy

This is a situation where the kidney is damaged as a result of existing high blood sugar.

6. Hypertensive nephropathy

This results when the kidney is damaged because of high pressure of the blood.

7. Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus

This is a situation where the kidney loss its ability to regulate blood sugar.

8. Kidney cancer

This is the rapid multiplication of cells in the kidney. This can lead to the growth of lumps in the kidney and affect the functions of the kidney.

9. Practices to avoid kidney problems

All complications in the kidneys are very dangerous the perfect functioning of the kidney is necessary. Here are few practices to keep the kidney in good shape and avoid these complications.

Drinking a lot of water helps to wash away any form of toxic material in the blood and also in the kidney.
Exercise reduces the risk of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the cause of hypertensive nephropathy.
People with high blood sugar have a very high tendency of developing diabetic nephropathy. So if you want to ensure your kidney function is optimum regularly check your blood sugar and avoid the high blood sugar.
Smoking reduces the rate of blood flow to the kidney, thereby not allowing the kidney to perform its function, so restrict yourself from smoking.

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