Life Saving Safety Tips While Running Outdoors

how to run outdoors and still be safe

You love “running and the outdoors” and you would do it anywhere in the world. In this post you will find some simple yet powerful safety tips for running on your own, in the open.  Follow them and you are sure to be safer than having no plan at all.

A runner is a very special breed of people. Built from strength” determination and a willingness to put your body to the test the true runner has crafted his art and body. But amid all this strength and gusty a runner is still as much danger as the next person for injury or attack when out on a cross country trail. Whether it be a human animal or motorized vehicle runners need to take the necessary cautions to stay safe when out on the roads or trail alone.

Safety while running is very important in today’s times. Most runners carry the minimum on them and leave themselves vulnerable to many situations that may arise. Here are some great tips to help protect you and put runners at ease when they are out on the trail.

Wearing visible gear is very important. Many companies manufacture clothes for runners with reflective details on them that make it easier for vehicles to spot them on the side of the road. By using this type of reflective clothing in bright colors it makes the runner stand out for better visibility in high traffic areas. Neon colors are in style now so more you look like a highlighter ” the better!

Runners should always carry some kind of identification on them. Whether you’re on a trail by yourself or running a 5K with others” an athlete never knows when injury will occur. Always try to think worst case scenario like you are unconscious and emergency personal are trying to help but need basic information. What they prefer to see is name age emergency contact allergies etc. Make this information on a card and put in a obvious place such as pocket ” lining of coat or fanny pack. May runners use the identification bracelets designed for runners and prefer the comfort of this too carrying a card.

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It’s also a good idea to write your running location and leave in your car or better yet” to let someone know. If you should get injured or go missing the police will definitely be contacting your family and searching your car if it is left abandoned. Runners are always guilty of not caring there cell phone while out on a run and if that is the case ” then be responsible and take measures so people will know your location.

Avoiding wild animal is also important if your trail running. Animals may be scared off by something as simple as bells on your shoes but in some situations a runner will need to take further action when a animal is lurking. Many companies manufacture pepper spray or mace that come in a compact size to hook onto your belt or shoe. This is a great option since not only will it ward off many animals but human attackers as well. Make sure to check your state and local regulations regarding the use of pepper spray and mace first.

Always use as many safety methods you can think of while running. Smart runners are safe runners and that is the only way to be out on the trails. Happy running!

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