How to Lineman Trot (Jog/Walk)

Jogging itself can be tough at most times. A majority of people will jog for a short period of time and then walk for a lengthy period of time. A lineman trot combines both jogging and walking at a steady pace which you will soon be able to do. This exercise works similarly to how the big slow guys move in football while performing cardiovascular exercises.  As they are not built mostly for speed, they carry out a very slow jog which is by no means faster than a moderate speed walk. It burns multiple times more calories than walking over time and also enhances cardiovascular effectiveness and the leg muscles gain in mass.  It will aid in making your legs move more frequently, but then again, it will keep the speed low which will retain blood flow moderately steady to get your body absorbing more oxygen.

1. Start by performing a few stretches mainly around the calf and shin muscles to avert injury

2. Walk about a half mile to free up and get the blood pumping

Increasingly increase your speed till you enter a jog which is about the same speed as an brisk walk (or whichever speed you prefer).

3. Retain a speed which you can sing a song which will let not led you running out of breath

4. At first, it will feel like your muscles will give out, but keep pushing

Once you’re done with the 30 seconds from the moment you feel the burn in your legs, just concentrate on breathing and you will in a little while forget about the burn in your legs, and sooner or later your body will become used to it.

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5. Grab a music playing device

Even though this is optional; having music with you can really give your mind something to concentrate on for anybody that sense the burns in their legs.

6. Get a pedometer

Another optional device but highly recommended. At first trotting for long was difficult but soon you’ll be more than able to do it without stopping. And up until you can do it without stopping, grab a pedometer to measure how much trotting you did and for how long, related to jogging.

7. Never give up!
Just like most things in our lives that requires for hard work, you’ll find yourself wanted to stop at one point or the other and alternate for a smaller workout. Don’t!! Otherwise you will find that every time you feel that burn that you don’t like, you give up.

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