Looking Good After the Gym

If you have other things to keep up with after the gym, then you don’t want to be messy with sweat. Whether you’re running errands or going to work, you need a few fixes to look better. Begin with getting rid of the sweat, then do your hair, makeup and finally your clothes.

1. Dry off immediately

If you’re unable to take a bath, then your next step should be drying off. It will help you appear less sweaty. It will also help you smell better as you won’t be soaking with sweat. Make sure that you hit all sweaty areas, including the underarms.

2. Wipe down smelly areas

Body wipes and other wipes are also quick means of freshening up. Use them on the spots where you’re particularly sweaty, including your underarms and other areas that need it. Also, don’t forget to apply deodorant.

3. Add some baby powder

One of the ways for freshening up is by applying baby powder. It helps to keep you dry after the gym, making your appearance less sweaty. Furthermore, its gives you a fresh subtle scent so you don’t smell bad.

4. Give your face a good scrub

Even if you can’t take a shower, washing your face is a very good alternative. Sweat can clog on your face if you leave it there for a long time. You can also use facial cleansing clothes if you don’t have enough time to stop by and get your face washed.

5. Put your hair up

Try putting your hair up during the workouts if you have long hair. This will save you from getting sweat on your neck. If you make a free braid and tie it up in rolls, you can just wash it afterwards and let it down for a wavy look.

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6. Dry off your hair

One alternative, of course, is to make use of a hair dryer. Most gyms even provide hair dryers to use. You can also comb in dry shampoo or use baby powder to help your hair dry. Both of these ways are great to cut down on sweat and help you look fresh.

7. Take a change of clothes

Another simple alternative is to take clothes with you to the gym. These can be causal or chic based on your schedule. Moreover, it will let you feel a whole lot fresher if you change into clean clothes.

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