How To Lose 100 Pounds

I am sure all of you have for once looked at a 10 year old picture of yourself and thought how your body got to this stage. Although it is to some extent natural to put up weight as you grow older but there’s definitely more reason to it than that. Most of us are from the working class also known as corporate slaves. .

It’s not that easy that you’ll fool your body just by not eating and exercising for a few days. The patterns that a human body follows can only be altered if your body is trained to practice weight loss techniques in the long run. You can lose 100 pounds of extra fat by taking long term measures and working on fat free future plan. The following 3 tips will allow you in losing 100 pounds at a steady pace.

1. Morning exercises

Your mornings should be exercise mornings if you want to be fit. Sleep early and adjust your schedule in a way that you have an hour to spare when you wake up in the morning. And in that hour my friends, you need to exercise as much as you can to go with your routine. Don’t do HIIT workouts in the morning as you have a day of work ahead and don’t want to go with a swollen back. You can perform high intensity training in your free timing.

2.Don’t skip your meals, pick a smaller plate instead

It is a common misconception that skipping meals and starving yourself regularly will result in immediate weight loss. Using a smaller plate can facilitate a person in eating less because it will simply make the portions of food look larger than they actually are. A few decades ago, the typical food plate was smaller than its size today. Believe it or not, this simple trick can reduce how much a person eats by 20%.

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Try to match the color of food with the plate so that the meal may look larger to the eyes.. You can try this simple routine to help you out. For your next dinner, fill a quarter of the plate with lean protein, two quarters with salad and the last remaining quarter with carbs or low-GI material while the last quarter shall.

3. Time your sleep

Who doesn’t love to sleep? Nobody! The basic and first step towards staying fit with a daily job is to master the timing of how you earn valuable sleep every day. When we sleep our body automatically releases fat burning hormones that will make you lose more weight. Just adjust your schedule according to your sleep where you get 8-9 valuable hours of complete sleep AND follow the schedule strictly.

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