Loving Cheese Can be a Healthy Habit


Cheese is a dairy product, so you can be sure it contains as much nutrients as you can find in yogurt, milk, and other dairy products. It contains calcium, vitamin B12, zinc, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin K2, phosphorus, sodium, riboflavin, and even probiotics (the good bacteria that regulates the gut flora).

One major reason why people cut cheese out of their healthy diet is because of its very high fat content which is mostly saturated, but then, it depends on the kind of cheese you opt for. If you are particular about weight loss, you have to be careful with the kind of cheese you choose.

Below are some health benefits of cheese that you should know about.

1. For Athletes

With the high fat content in cheese, it will be beneficial to athletes who regularly look to gaining weight. Cheese will not only help them to bulk up, but it also provides the body with high levels of protein (for muscle mass), and calcium (for heavier and stronger bones).

Also, cheese contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an antioxidant that enhances the immune system by preventing disease, and also an anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce soreness of muscles and joints after an exercise session.

2. Bone Health

Aside from its rich store of calcium, the vitamin B content in cheese helps to keep bones and cartilage strong and healthy, and is very effective in children, women in pregnancy or lactating, and also elderly people. While vitamin B helps in the proper absorption and effectiveness of calcium, calcium does the strengthening.

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3. Dental Care

The calcium in cheese is good for developing strong teeth. And if you have been avoiding milk because you are lactose intolerant, you should be glad to learn that the older the cheese, the lower the lactose content.

As mentioned earlier, cheese has a high fat content, which is why it is not really encouraged, especially in these times when many people are concerned about weight loss and keeping fit. However, you can avoid the types of yogurt with very high fat content, and over all the benefits do seem to outweigh the costs.


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