How To Make Sure You Are Fully Charged For Mondays

I am sure you are one like me who prefers Friday over Monday.  Friday is the start of the weekend whereas Monday is the beginning of a work week.   Imagine you show up on Monday but are fully charged and excited to perform your best.  It could change your entire outlook and bring more opportunities. This post will provide you with tips on how to beat the Monday blue and work better in office.

I don’t know how many of my weekends begin with thanking my heavens; when I wake up to the nightmare or I would say the ‘morning mare’ of a Monday morning.’Thank God” it’s Saturday!’ is the first thing I would utter on these scary mornings. That’s the terror of a Monday morning when the hangover of the weekends’ fun moments make most of us feel like hell.

No matter to whatever city of whatever country you belong; Monday blues would definitely be on your hate list if you have to reach office in Morning hours. Though there is no history or records of anyone feeling Morning blues the first time I am sure one would have felt it soon after the offices and work places had started observing weekends as holidays.

Anyway I can understand how it feels to wake up on a Monday morning so I have come up with some tried and tested techniques to help you the beat the blues on Mondays.

“When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.”Ella Woodword

Don’t leave your work pending for Mondays:

The reason we suffer on a Monday is the fact that we had had fun on Friday. With the ‘thank God it’s Friday’ notion we waste most of our productive time either making plans for the weekend or daydreaming about the pleasure we would be having on weekends.

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The weekend follows with a Monday that haunts us with our pending work woes. Make sure you haven’t have any work pending for Monday; in fact try to do some in advance to avoiding too much toiling on a day when you would mourn the early demise of the weekend.

Wear your best on Monday:

Keep ready (on previous night itself) your best business suit or outfit for Mondays. Dress up to kill. It will give you confidence and an attitude. After all Monday is not at all a bad day to impress your crush or woo the hottest lady in the office.

Weekends are Not just for sleeping:

The major cause of Monday blues is excessive sleeping during the weekend. Since you spend most of your time in slumber you are not able to register the passing of the weekend which leaves you high and dry and longing for more.

Instead utilize the weekend for something that you wanted to do for long. Visit your favourite place play your favourite sport meet friends go out for a movie or drive. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment and you can start the week with a sense of satisfaction.

Avoid late night parties on Sunday night:

Try to limit late night parties and night-outs to Saturday nights only. I don’t think you would like to get up on a Monday morning with a heavy head and irritated bowel.

Listen to your favourite music:

Now that you have decided to go and are already on the way to office freshen up your mood with some soothing musical number. I hope you it will cheer you up and prepare you for a long and hectic Monday followed by a week-long labour.

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