For Maximum Success, Follow This Weight Loss Mini Plan


In this article, we will present to you a weight loss mini plan that will help you loose weight and get slim in a relatively short amount of time.

This is not a structured diet plan

Unlike most other diet plans, this diet plan does not require you to schedule and measure every calorie and fat you intake. What this mini diet focuses upon is that you lose weight without having to go through the hassle of a proper diet plan.

Given below are some of the instructions which you must follow, and add these new habits to your lifestyle until you have lost the desired amount of weight, after which you can stop skipping breakfast. However, don’t go back to eating like before once you have done the mini diet and lost weight. Stick to healthy food afterwards as well as regular exercising.

The mini diet – essentials

Most of us have been bought up by the belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be missed at any cost. While this is true in some aspects, it does not apply to you while you are using this method to lose weight. There are a lot of myths associated with breakfast. Some of these myths include:

  • Eating a good breakfast will jump start your metabolism and boost it for the rest of the day, giving you vitality and energy. This is not true and only exercising while ‘mini fasting’ can help avoid the weight gaining effects of breakfast.
  • There is also another myth about breakfast that says that skipping breakfast will end up with you becoming fat. This is an irrational misconception. In fact, according to some studies, skipping breakfast actually makes you slimmer and lose weight.
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If your life has had a constant pattern of you gaining a lot of weight and then losing it through various diet plans and then gaining it back again, breakfast might be the main issue for regaining all those unneeded pounds. By skipping breakfast, you will basically be fasting for up to eleven hours out of the twenty four hours in a day and the consequential weight loss will more than make up for feeling hungry.

First steps

Consult with your doctor to confirm that skipping breakfast won’t have any negative side effects on your health. If you doctor decides that it might be harmful for you, you can take up aerobic exercises or tennis or some other physical activity to build up your body to be able to stay hungry for an average of eleven hours each day.

An important point to remember is that when you do eat after the fast at lunch time, be sure to do some light exercises to limber yourselves up before eating

When and what to eat

While you are ‘fasting’, drinking water, tea and coffee are alright. You just don’t have to eat anything solid during this method of weight loss. After lunch time, don’t go overboard by eating a lot. Restrain yourself and stick to healthy and low fat and low calorie foods.

In a matter of just a few weeks of skipping breakfast and doing these mini fasts every day, you will notice a significant and healthy amount of loss of weight. It might have been a hard plan to follow, as skipping breakfast every morning, every day, for a few weeks, is very hard to do. But the results will make it worth it.

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