How to Meal Prep for Weight Loss Like a Pro

Preparing ahead for a meal helps in so many ways, as you don’t have to worry too much about what exactly to eat when you are hungry and end up making wrong decisions. Chances are also that you may eventually settle for unhealthy meals, because you haven’t taken your time to prepare. Preparing a meal for weight loss may seem difficult, and a lot of people give up in the long run, because they just couldn’t keep up with it. So, what is the secret to meal prep for weight loss like a pro? Keep reading to know more.

1. Make a list

The first step to being a pro in meal prep is making a grocery list. When you plan all your meals in advance, it’ll save you from buying things you shouldn’t. Pick out a day in a week or a month, and make a perfect grocery list in line with your goals, then go ahead to shop.

2. Put soup on the menu

Soup is one of those meals you shouldn’t miss out on. While you draw up a menu for your meals, ensure you include soup, as it’ll help to manage your weight and waistline. Make veggie soups, and you can store some in the freezer to be eaten later.

3. Save time by cutting corners

Samantha Shorkey of Jacked on the Beanstalk says, “For extra-busy people who just don’t want to do meal prep, I recommend buying prepackaged salads and always keeping berries, bananas and spinach in the freezer. You can never go wrong with a salad or a smoothie. I also keep low-carb, sprouted Ezekiel wraps in my freezer because they make awesome (and healthy) pizza crusts, hummus dippers and sandwich wraps on the fly”. Being busy shouldn’t stop you from prepping your meal, you can find an easier way out just as Samantha points out.

4. Infuse your water

Staying hydrated benefits your health in so many ways, and also helps to promote weight loss. However, drinking water may become boring at some points, especially if it’s just bland. You can infuse your water with cucumber and honeydew melon, or mixed berry and mint. Store your infused water in fancy bottles and refrigerate. Whenever you feel hungry and it isn’t yet your meal time, you can grab some water and stay hydrated and less-hungry, till it’s time to eat.

These are 4 simple ways to help you prep right. You can ask for meal ideas from health practitioners or your dietitian, to be sure you are on the right track.

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