Melt Belly Fat Away Without Doing Any Sit Ups

lose belly fat without sit upsFat does not look good on the belly. It is one of the first thing people notice and even the cloths you wear don’t look good. I have seen people with good physique but bulging belly spoils it all.  I have been doing research on how to get rid of belly fat but can it be done without doing the traditional ab exercises, was the question i focused on the most?  Good news is, there are lots of non traditional ab exercises you can do to melt fat away – not only from your belly but from your entire body.
I have had the chance to sit down with Megan Foster who is a specialist for losing belly fat after pregnancy in London.  In this post Megan shares with us information on how to lose fat. She has helped thousands of people around the world get fit lose stomach fat and exercise more effectively. In this interview she talks with me about making your exercise more fun and adding variety and avoiding the boring old traditional crunches and sit up exercises.

Nancy: Megan I hate crunches and sit ups. I get all worked up to to do them but can never stick to them. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one. They seem to be boring take up time they aren’t very comfortable and I am pretty sure they are not very effective. What can I do instead to build lean muscle tissue and lose belly fat? Something non traditional.

Scott: You are right, you are not alone, lots of people don’t stick with a routine to get rid of belly fat. There are three nontraditional abdominal exercise movements that will help you lose belly fat and build lean muscle tissue as well as exercises your other muscles providing for a more efficient effective and less time consuming workout. These extremely powerful exercises do not involve crunches or sit ups or any other abs exercise you normally plan on using to lose belly fat.

Nancy: What are they and how do I do them?

Megan: First you can try the Renegade Row to lose belly fat. To do this exercise use two dumbbells and assume the traditional push-up position. Beginners can position on their knees. Lift your right hand bending at the elbow raising the dumb bell to your shoulder then alternating to the other arm. If you wish to make this even more efficient and effective add a push-up in between the dumb bell lifts.

Next try the Spiderman Push-Up to lose belly fat. To do this exercise start with a regular push up. As you lift from the traditional push up lift your foot off the ground and bring your knee up to your elbows. Extend your leg back ” toe touching the ground and alternate sides. Make sure your hands are at your sides and level with your chest. Your palms should be flat on the ground. In this exercise you have the added benefit of abdominal contractions when you lift your left from the ground and bring it up and taking one leg off the ground adds to the difficult level.

The third exercise is the Suicide Plank to lose belly fat. This is a variation of the standard plank and is excellent for abdominal stabilization. To begin the “”plank”” lay your body flat” in a traditional push up position but rest your elbows on the ground and lower your arms. Hold your body straight not allowing the center of your body to touch the ground feel shoulder width apart and lifted from the ground. Then lower your body with elbows touching the ground but body still lifted. Move from elbows to hands elbows to hands alternating sides lifting and lowering your body.

Nancy: So that’s it? Thats all I do? I will lose stomach fat and build lean muscle mass? Not that these seem too easy.

Megan: No it’s not quite that easy but you can do it with the beginner way (Beginners can position on their knees). These exercises alone can’t make you lose all your belly fat. You need to combine these exercises with high intensity interval training and a proper diet. But these three exercises do build lean muscle tissue throughout your body and allow you more time for other things besides exercise. These abs exercises will target your abs help you lose belly fat and add variety to your abs workout.

Nancy:  Thanks so much for sharing these exercises with us today they are definitely more interesting than crunches or sit ups and can add variety to anyone’s workout routine.

If you enjoyed what you read here or need more tips on exercise fitness or eating to get healthy exercise or build a great six pack of abs, please use the comments below and i will try my best to get you the answers.

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