How Mind Mapping Can Help Your Brain

How Mind Mapping Can Help Your Brain 1

One might ask, how can mind mapping help in de-cluttering my brain or benefit my health? What is this mind mapping in the first place?

This is a form of arranging or organizing your thoughts and ideas (information) through a web like diagram, translating them from your mind to paper.  However it is nothing like rocket science and in fact, you might have done it in some form in elementary school. Basically it is the practice of breaking down a main idea or thought, into smaller factions and creating new ideas and thoughts from the smaller ones all linking to the bigger concept.

It has proved to be one of the effective and efficient ways to bring out ideas, delegate and plan productively. Also to make it fun and see ideas or thoughts that stand out to you, you can use crayons, colors, symbols, arrows to help you connect the dots while you work according to how your brain allows you to lay them out. Every individual is different, so their mind map may look different from another’s. There is no universal template for how a mind map should look like.

The Effects of Mind Mapping On Your Brain

The human brain is like the sponge of the world, it soaks and takes in whatever information it sees, hears, smells etc. Added to that, is the multiplying  of those information it has received from the outside world and generating ideas  from them to form something on its own or find a way to use the information received to make their lives better.  As a result of these, the human brain is cluttered with too many information, both wanted and unwanted and it can be hard to process one idea or thought to productivity due to excess information. This is where Mind mapping comes it as it helps to organize your thoughts and ideas. However we can’t limit all we hear or see but we can organized them to fit our needs.

1.  It creates an opportunity to properly “fix” your life or schedule

Basically it encourages wellness. When you can arrange your schedule through this concept, you go into a more organized mode, and you see yourself having time to rest, eat, sleep or exercise.

2.  It removes stress or tension

A cluttered mind, is a disorganized mind that leads to chaos. When the head doesn’t know which activity to do first or focus on, there is this tension to get things done, or to get many things done and that’s when the stress mounts up, and most times you realize there was hardly any productivity. Being better organized will help manage your stress levels.

3.  It creates room for creativity

Some people wonder why others are so good at bringing up new ideas at the snap of a finger. For some it’s innate and with practice others can learn to be more creative. Usually you will be coached to have an organized mind and think or allow your mind to roam free.

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