Muscle Strain and Its Treatments

A strain occurs when a tendon or a muscle tears or overstretches. A tendon is a tough band of inelastic fibrous tissue that connects a muscle to a bone. Strain is also referred to the muscle pull. It mostly occurs when the muscle is in motion. It could occur  when the muscle is overused or stretched beyond is limit. It could occur while running, walking or while playing a particular sport.

1. Symptoms of strain

Symptoms associated with strains differ with the severity of the injury. It could either be a mild strain where the muscle is just stretched or it could be a situation where there is total tear of the affected muscle.

But symptoms associated with both severe and mild cases includes severe pain around the affected muscle, inability to move the affected area, the skin could appear bruised, there is swelling in the affected area, affected area has a totally different color from the normal color of the skin, for people with lighter skin affected area may be reddish.

2. Treatment for strain

Mild strains might not require a visit to the doctor, but proper treatment of strains would ensure that new healthy muscles fibres would develop to replace or strengthen overstretched muscles.

Mild strains could be treated by placing ice on the affected area. This reduces swelling and could ease the pain.Massage frequently with a balm or hot substance.Rest the pulled muscle for few days and gradually begin to use it again. In case where you cannot move the muscle and the pain is severe or if affected area is bleeding immediately visit the doctor.

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3. Prevention of strain

Strains do not give prior symptoms before they occur. There is need to practice preventive methods, especially if you are an athlete or you engage in any form of sport or exercise. Few ways to prevent a sprain are listed below.

Before exercising or engaging in a sport activity, do well to warm up properly, to prepare the muscle for whatever activity you will be engaging in. Try not to overstretch or overstress muscles beyond their ability. Frequently train your muscles in order to improve flexibility. Exercise at least 3 times in a week to increase your muscle strength.

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