Natural Ways of Managing Cerebral Palsy

Medications are often prescribed to people with cerebral palsy to help relieve pain associated with the disorder.

Some of the best natural treatment options that can help support the brain and muscle function include:


This is a very effective herbal remedy that helps to promote effective blood circulation, initiates a betters neural communication, soothes the spastic muscles thereby reducing pain and encourages muscle movement

Fish oil

Fish oil is highly rich in omega-3 fats which encourage the development of healthy brain tissue. These fats also line the neural passageways and initiate more effective nerve communication and responses. You can take a fish oil supplement by mouth daily


Ginger is often referred to as a circulatory herb as it helps to improve blood flow. By improving blood flow, it boosts the oxygen levels in the brain and increases available nutrients to the cells.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt which is a mixture of naturally occurring magnesium and sulfate helps to reduce inflammation, prevent seizures (a common associated disorder of cerebral palsy), and relieve constipation (constipation is a common problem in children with cerebral palsy)

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is one of the first choices of treatment for cerebral palsy and should be started as soon as possible for the most optimal results. Physical therapy exercises and activities help people with cerebral palsy to reduce physical limitations, gain strength and better balance, encourage sensory stimulation, increase gait, increase posture and flexibility, develop less-functioning muscles, improve posture, improve flexibility, minimize pain and discomfort, relieve tight muscles, and reduce joint inflammation.

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Ice and heat therapy

Application of heat and ice therapy to muscles help to inhibit spastic movement thus reducing painful spasms and improves range of motion in patients. Although this therapy offers a short term relief, it should be combined with other pain relieving techniques to provide best results.

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