Nature’s Most Powerful Antibiotics

Natures Most Powerful Antibiotics 1

Before penicillin was accidentally invented—created—our ancestors were utilizing nature’s resources to heal and cure. There was a time when “civilized” people went back to nature to solve their medical issues but after “modern” medicine came around, we neglected her. Here are some of nature’s most powerful and of course, natural antibiotics:

1. Garlic

I love garlic and could eat it with cereal if I could! I know after eating garlic, your breath smells a bit “sharp” but this vegetable is a powerhouse; it terminates pathogens—bacteria, fungi and even viruses—without putting the gut flora in jeopardy, and contains sulfur components that are very healing.

2. Oregano oil

There are a lot of varieties of this herb but the most powerful one is the Origanum vulgare. It is good for nail fungus and sinus infections. For the latter, put a few drops of oregano oil in some warm water in a neti pot to breathe in the steam.

3. Manuka Honey

Who would have thought that honey had healing properties? Well, it does. This particular kind of honey comes from New Zealand. Do make sure that the honey has never been heated up; as that kills all its healing properties.


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