No Time to Cook? Try out These Methods

Every single one of us has an idea of healthy eating, but having to put your plan to action is easier said than done. It could get really hard from time to time trying to put together working full time, looking after an older adult taking care of the family and trying to put a meal on the dinner table. There is good news for you, there are many ways to make simple meals that are healthy and fast to put together. All this requires is planning and a few cooking know hows.

1. Plan your meals

Set aside 30 minutes a week to find out what you are going to cook for the week and save yourself a lot of headache through the week. You could also plan nights when you would eat out. Make sure you cook at least three nights in a week. Also be sure to plan out what you are going to buy from the farmers market. A list will come in very handy.

2. Make use of your freezer

Whenever you are less busy, like on the weekends, you could cook meals and store them up in your freezer for days when you won’t have the time to cook. On these days you could just microwave the meal. There are several meals you can make in batches and freeze in smaller portions for later use.

3. Have easy breakfast ingredients

Sometimes, if not most of the times it seems like breakfast is a mad run race for the door. It could be very difficult for you if you have a family to take care of in the morning when you also need to be ready for work and it can be very hard to balance all of your responsibilities.

So it would do you well to have easy or should I say simple breakfast ingredients that can easily be prepared by other family members and even the kids could whip up breakfast for themselves. These ingredients could include cereals, bread, pastries, eggs and fruits.

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