Why Not Having a Personal Trainer Is Good for You?

Having a personal trainer does great wonders for you as a client. They will push you to achieve the best results, motivate you, and give you a well-planned program on what to do to achieve your goal. But be sure that does not come free. However there is one thing for you to know about this process, is that a personal trainer can help about change but they can’t force you to change. The choice is yours.

What’s the problem with hiring a personal trainer?

This is where the issue begins. Some people use the idea of not having a personal trainer to lazy back or  say well I can’t afford it, I might as well just chill, or “I don’t have the mental capacity to carry myself to do any of these exercise, I might as well just quit.”  or hire a PT (personal trainer) Wrong.

In order to grown as  an individual you have to be able to push yourself mentally, except you really need help, only  then you can enroll in a weight loss academy like the biggest loser kind. Other than that, you are the sole person responsible for your own growth. Money should not hinder anyone to not do anything in life neither your mentality.

What you should do

First you ought to change the mindset, every personal trainer once pushed themselves to exercise right, eat the right food, programmed their mind to achieve something and they did it and now they are helping other people realize that potential. If you belong to these category of people who can’t exercise for themselves due to one reason or the other it’s time to step up.

Personal trainers are not nutritionist or doctors, they go for checkups like every other person and ask  questions too even though they have a general knowledge of the health and fitness basics, you should do the same. Know which position you are in on your health and fitness scale and plan a schedule according to your doctor and discipline yourself to get right through to it.

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This is about mentally training yourself to be strong and capable, if you can conquer your mind, you can conquer your body and subdue it. It is your body, it shouldn’t tell you what to do, you should. Give yourself targets and accomplish them, don’t forget, your trainer might give you a target to do or an exercise to do, they are the ones telling you to do it but  you are using your body to do it. It is you using your body, your strength, your grit, not them.

Why not be the voice to push yourself. If you don’t do this, you will hinder your mental growth, you will never be able to know what you could do, and you will be limited in achieving what you desire. Of course, you will always need help, no man is an island. Ask for advice to know how to do the right exercise and how to do certain things, other than that, do it yourself.

Research on all you need to know, get in touch with your doctor and nutritionist and plan appointments. Go to the gym if you can afford it or simply go beast mode in your home. Run a mile, fight your way to getting your desired body. Nothing should hinder you. What are you waiting for?

image couresy: askthetrainer.com, weightwise.com, rd.com.

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