How Being Overweight can Affect the Memory


How obesity can affect your memory is probably something that you have never given much thought to, but it is a scientific fact that obesity affects your memory. The fact remains that most people are more familiar with the other common risks of obesity, such as atherosclerosis, heart failure, diabetes, and the like, but very few people keep in mind that their memory can also be greatly affected.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) range of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered to be the healthiest BMI to have. An individual is considered overweight if their BMI figure hits 25, and obese if it hits 30 or above. Studies has also shown that with every extra point on the BMI (after reaching obesity), the more memory problems such a person is likely to have.

Either you may be obese at the hips or at the waist, both are problematic, although obesity at the waist is more problematic.

Excess fat around the waist can cause a decrease in your total brain volume, and this extra fat is likely to trigger inflammation there, which ends up stressing the brain, causing it to function improperly. The fat around the waist is known as visceral fat, and may play a crucial role in reducing the size of the brain, as it releases a unique set of hormones that doesn’t match with the ones released by the subcutaneous fat.

One very important thing to be aware of is that obesity affects virtually every parts in the body; it practically destabilizes the proper functioning of the human system, which is why obese people are encouraged to lose weight,

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There are also other things that may contribute to the brain damage, some of which are: food addiction, bullying from friends, and discouragement from their peers. These things, in one way or the other, can affect one’s mental state, especially for overweight children.

Not everyone will be able to handle the bullying or let go their precious meals in a bid to lose weight. These things are likely to affect the memory.

Dementia is a very common risk to those people who develop memory problems, and to keep it out of the way, start working on decreasing your weight as soon as possible.

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