Pre workout Smoothie Recipe

Before people start to work out they must have an aim in mind, two major purpose among others why people work out is to keep fit or loose weight and for these to be achieved other factors aside from exercising needs to be considered in other to achieve the optimum result.

Some of the other factors that needs to be considered includes eating habits, rest and maintaining a healthy life style. When it has to do with eating habits and keeping fit, it is advice that the person should focus more on protein, because in the process of exercising, you tear and break down muscle fibers and this is to be repaired by the body.

For the body to repair the breakdown muscle fiber  protein is required for this, aside from those that constantly workout, everybody needs protein to repair worn out tissues in the body. Some examples of food rich in protein includes beans, nuts soy protein etc, for workout sessions one can take protein bars, protein smoothies etc.

The recipe of the protein smoothie below is an example of a protein drink to be taken when working out, the banana smoothie is made with a slow releasing protein, it is made with casein because they digest slowly, casein is actually the protein found in the milk of mammals, it aids in muscle retention, it aids in general fat loss because it contains more protein than calcium, it also helps in promoting colon health etc.

A dash of ca carbohydrate is also needed to be incorporated in the protein smoothie, because as one exercises energy needs to be gotten back and these is the work of carbohydrate. So for the smoothie you have honey, because honey contains the essential sugar needed by the body.

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The banana contains potassium, which is a mineral needed in the body to maintain proper heart function, aids in digestion, also improves energy and skin condition etc.

1. Ingredients

1 ripe banana, 1 cup of plain natural yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and 1 cup of milk of your choice.

2. Method

Just put everything into the blender and blend until very smooth.

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