How to Prevent High Blood Pressure

Blood is important to every part of the body. One of its major functions is to circulate oxygen round the body and this is achieved with the help of the  blood vessels. High blood pressure is a situation where the pressure at which the blood flows around the body is high. This is as a result of narrow pathways which the blood passes. In a case of high blood pressure the arteries that is one of the blood vessels through which the blood circulates round the body are too narrow, this narrowing of the arteries can be caused by the formation of plaques inside the arteries. This causes increase in the effort of the heat to efficiently pump blood that will be transported to all parts of the body. High blood pressure could lead to different diseases of the heart, kidney and even stroke . High blood pressure can be prevented and effectively contained through these following ways.

1. Avoid high intake of sodium

Sodium is ingested into the body through salt. Sodium has high water retaining capacity. High water in the body increase work done by blood vessels to transport this water to the kidney and this increases the risk of high blood pressure. High sodium in the body also reduces the effect of anti hypertension drugs.

2. Watch your cholesterol level

High cholesterol is one of the major cause of high blood pressure. Cholesterol is greatly responsible for the formation of plaques in the blood vessels. These plaques make the blood vessels narrower and might cause it to bend thereby leading to an increase in high blood pressure.

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3. Exercise

Exercise at least 3 times a week helps reduce cholesterol level in the body. Walking or jogging could be regularly done as it reduces the chances of arteries being blocked by plaque, which is a major factor contributing to high blood pressure.

4. Regular checkups

Many people live with high blood pressure and don’t even have an idea about it. Regularly checking your blood pressure reduces your chances of developing high blood pressure. And if you are already living with high blood pressure it reduces your chances of developing severe complications associated with high blood pressure.

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