How to Prevent Spider Veins

Spider veins are small red or blue veins that are shaped like tree branches that every so often appear later in life on the ankles and calves. Over 50% of grown-ups deal with spider veins, and women are much more than men. It may not be likely to completely prevent getting spider veins, but there are things you can do to hinder their presence. Mug up on what causes spider veins and conducts that may avoid them from developing.

Avoid sitting or standing for long periods

If your job demands that you should be on your feet all day, have some breaks in order for you to stand still by walking around the office or taking a walk at lunch.

Aid circulation with your body positioning

As spider veins are due to poor blood movement and circulation, it’s crucial to prevent postures that obstruct circulation and use positions that aid it.

Prevent crossing your legs when you sit at work or home. Crossing your legs for a lengthy period interjects the blood flow from your heart to your legs, which can cause vein walls to deteriorate and spider veins to appear.

Opt for low heels

Shun high-heeled shoes, especially if your job demands you to stand or sit for an extended period often time. High heels places extra strain on your legs and can limit the flow of blood from your heart to your legs, triggering the restricted circulation that can cause spider veins to appear.

Maintain a healthy body weight

A crucial aspect in keeping your legs and feet in good physical shape and preventing spider veins is preserving a healthy body weight. Keep an eye on a balanced diet and work with your doctor to achieve a goal weight that is suitable for your body and height type. This will lessen additional stress on your feet and blood vessels.

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Eat less salt and more fiber

Salt let your body to recollect water and swell, which can put burden on veins. Fiber avoids constipation, which is one form of pressure that brings about appearance of spider veins. Prevent processed foods like prepackaged meals and snacks, since these are a lot of times loaded with sodium.

Exercise regularly

Attaining day-to-day exercise progresses your circulation even when you aren’t in action and it assist in keeping your body weight hale and hearty. Concentrate on exercises that preserve your feet and legs moving to avoid the appearance of spider veins.

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