How to Prevent Upper Back Pain

Approximately 84% of adults will be faced with some sort of back pain in their lives. Upper back pain, though less often than lower back problem, is an issue for most people nowadays.And that is  due to the fact that, the thoracic spine in the upper and middle back region is not as movable, as the lower back and neck, so damages are not as common. Nevertheless, upper back pain can be a reason of chronic muscle tension and poor posture. If at all you’re being agonized by upper back pain, then good posture, exercise and lifestyle adjustment may well minimize spells of discomfort, or even get rid of them completely.

1. Perform shoulder rolls

Also called “shoulder shrugs,” shoulder rolls aids in getting rid of tension in your neck and shoulder region, which can assist you in discharging upper back pain.

  • Sit straight in a straight backed seat and Maintain a flat feet on the floor.
  • Raise your shoulders up to your ears, as though you wanted to bend. Then roll them back behind you, and then down.
  • Do this exercise again in the opposite direction  up, forward and down. Do this exercise two to four times a day.

2. Stretch your shoulders by moving your elbows

Start by putting your hands, palms down, on your shoulders. Your left hand has to go over your left shoulder and your right hand over your right shoulder.

  • Place your hands on your shoulders as you pull both your elbows. You should sense a bit of a stretch in your upper back and shoulder region. Maintain this position for three deep breaths and then relax. Do this again for several times all through the day.
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3. Exercise your upper back with opposite arm and leg raises

With your hands and legs straight lie down on your stomach. Your arms should be extended in front of you. It’s wise to put a small pillow below the lower stomach area.

  • From this location, gradually raise your right arm and left leg, in adding to a slight raise of your head. Maintain for a couple of seconds and then lower.

4. Perform darts

With your arms on your sides, legs straight, lie on your stomach. Squash your shoulder blades together and raise your head, arms and chest off the ground as you keep your neck straight. Hold for two seconds.

  • Little by little lower your body to the ground. Do three sets of ten darts.

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