Problems and Treatments of Autism

Autism also referred to as autism spectrum disorder because it refers to a wide range of disorder faced by patients diagnosed with autism. Most of these disorders are evident in the social and communication skills.

People with autism tend to have repetitive behavior. Challenges faced in people living with autism are detected right from infancy and early treatment is very important so as to enable the child have a normal life. Some of the challenges include:

1. Communication problems

Most people as much as 40%percent living with autism do not speak, but those who do speak take a long time learning to speak. Patients with autism don’t just have challenges with their speech while communicating. They have other challenges in communication like;
• Constant repetition of words or sentences while speaking
• Lack of interest in conversations
• Problem understanding peoples view in a discussion
• Problem expressing their ideas

2. Social problems

Mostly children are barely social, while around other people, they exhibit certain behaviours such as;
• Lack of interest in play or activities
• Always negative towards new ideas
• They prefer to stick to a routine
• They easily have mood swings
• Could turn violent and hurt themselves or others
• They could be oversensitive to loud noise or very bright or dark places

As much as the problems associated with autism are they are every effective ways of treating autism, such as

3. Behavioral training

This method uses positive self help skills to improve both social and communication skills. Patients are trained on how to effectively socialize and communicate with others.

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4. Special therapy

People with autism can be engaged in special speech and physical therapy. Speech therapy goes a long way to improve speech and communication , so that they could easily express themselves round others.

5. Medications

Medications for people with autism helps to treat problems like mood swings, anxiety, tiredness and so many other things associated with autism.

All of these are effective treatments for autism, it is important that great care and support should be given by friends and families to those living with autism.

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