Proper Table Manners

How often do you observe basic table or eating manners? Most of us do things we shouldn’t be doing while eating. Like in a football match it is wrong for a player to use his hand on the ball, so it is wrong to talk while eating. Here is a list of don’ts while eating;

 Do not chew with your mouth open
 Do not rush your food
 Don’t speak with food in your mouth
 Do not stuff your mouth with too much food at a time
 Do not blow on your food, when it is hot
 Don’t take half bite of what is in your fork or spoon, what you take you put it in your mouth at once
 Do not make gestures with eating utensils in your hand
 Don’t fidget with things while eating
 Don’t push your plate aside when you are done eating
 Don’t avoid using good use of napkin
 Don’t remove unwanted part of your food from your mouth with your hand. It should be removed with a utensil
 Don’t cut food into many parts at a time, it should be cut into one or two pieces at a time
 Don’t operate any electronic device when eating
 Don’t speak while eating
 Don’t stretch out for something on the table, tell the nearest person to pass it to you
 Don’t drink with a full mouth, your mouth should be empty before you drink
 Don’t scrape the plate with your spoon or fork
 Don’t clank the spoon in your mouth
 Don’t raise the plate from the table to eat, all plates should be placed on the table while eating
 Don’t lick the plate after eating
 Don’t chew out loud
 Don’t finger the food
 Don’t pick your teeth with your hand, use a toothpick
 Don’t hold a wine glass by the trunk, the upper part, hold it by the stem, the lower part
 Don’t cut food with your hand
 Don’t leave food in your mouth for too long
 Don’t stuff your plate with too much food at a time
These are just some of the don’ts when eating. After reading this I am sure you would see that you might have being practicing bad table or eating manners.

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