Put An Ice Cube On This Point Of Your Neck And Witness The Miracle

Put An Ice Cube On This Point Of Your Neck And Witness The Miracle 2

Daily use of ice cubes can alter the state of your body in positive ways, making you a bit younger and energetic. Read below for an amazing insight into the wonders of ice cubes.

Using the ice cube the right way helps a lot.It can happen if you. This technique is closely related to Chinese acupuncture and according to it, the point where you have to place the ice cube is called Feng Fu, which translates to “wind mansion”. Put an ice cube at the point where your head and neck are connected. Keep the ice cube in place for 20 minutes on the feng fu point.

How to Target the Feng Fu Pressure Point?

Firstly, get face down on your stomach, place the ice cube on the right centre of your neck and hold it for 20 minutes. If time doesn’t permit you that 20 minutes, then you could tie a scarf on it and move on with other activities.

If you are doing it the right way then in about 20-30 seconds you should feel heat at your feng fu point.

Normally, a sense of freezing occurs but after about 30 minutes you begin to feel warm. When you do this everyday, your endorphins get released into your blood causing you to feel euphoric. Feng fu technique offers other benefits.

For example:
• No cellulite
• Improved sleep
• Deals with sexually transmitted and gastrointestinal infections;
• Top notch digestion
• Dead and gone asthma
• No more frequent colds
• Less pain in teeth, head, and joint
• Functioning cardiovascular system
• Breathing improvement and better cardiovascular system;
• Better menstruation and help with impotence, infertility, endocrine glands and frigidity;
• Hypertension, hypotension become non existent
• No insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, stress and management of psycho-emotional disorders;

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This method helps the body to return its balance, so technically it is not a cure, but a rejuvenation method.

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