5 Stretches to Relax Lower Back Muscles

5 Stretches to relax lower back muscles

Sitting down in an office for 6 to 8 hours makes developing a lower back pain easier than ever, being sedentary for long hours renders numerous havoc to your health – one of which is lower back pains; but in this paper, I will be explaining to you some of the easiest exercises you can engage in to easily loosen and relax a tensed lower back.

1. Butterfly Yoga Pose

As the name implies – this pose focuses on making a butterfly-like posture. To achieve this pose: sit down on the floor with your knees bent and your feet joint together. Then use your hands to open your feet (as in a book), while you simultaneously use your elbows to press your knees downwards. Ensure that you increase the pressure on your lower back and hold for about 30 seconds.

2. Cobra stretch  

This is also another easy way to conveniently relieve yourself of back pain. What you need do in this move is to find a flat and open space, lie down on your belly with your hands on the floor, then  straighten your arms as you as you raise your upper body upwards (as though in a push-up posture). Throughout this exercise, ensure that your hands, thighs and legs remain on the floor and hold for about 30 seconds.

3. Two-knee twist 

Find a flat surface and lie down on your back, stretch out your hands (as to form a ‘T’ shape with your body), then bring both knees sideways towards your right arm and hold for 10 seconds, exhale and lower your knees. Repeat the same thing but this time bring your knees towards your left arm and hold for 10 seconds as well. Repeat the exercise 5-8 times.

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4. Lying lower back stretch 

This exercise is very similar to the Two-knee Twist. The difference however with this is: while lying on your back, bend your knees and with the assistance of your hands bring your knees towards your chest. The father you are able to bring your knees to your chest will determine the extent of the effect it renders on your lower back. Then your position for 10 seconds, lower your knees and repeat 10-15 times.

5. Lying static leg raise

Simply lie down flat on your back while you place both legs on a chair, ensure that the length of the chair stands is commensurate to the length of your laps (from your butt to your knees). Hold this position for 10-15 minutes so as to increase the pressure on your back.

image courtesy of: yoga.com.

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