The Right Hair Style for Your Face

There is no one size fit all hairstyle for all due to the fact that we all don’t have the same face shape. Do not be deceived, no matter how good a hair style looks on a poster, it doesn’t mean that it will look good on your face. It is very important you look at your face type and know what would look good on it. The right hairstyle can add weight to you or shed pounds off you.

Having the right hair style is essential to looking slim during a weight loss process and it is important that you know your face type to get the right hairstyle. You can tell whether a bob will look good or a short cut depending on your facial type. Going to the salon will help a lot as the stylists there are professionals and will know what will be good for your hair if you don’t have a clue.

You can also look through magazine to get an idea about whose face type you have. However that is not the be all end all when you conclude on the type of face you have. Here is a method to help you as well;

How to know your face type

Simply tie your hair back or upwards into a ponytail and look at a mirror. This will help reveal your face type through your jawline which is a deciding factor on what hairstyles to get. Your face could be heart, oval, round, or square shaped. If you have a sharp angle where your jawline meets the ear, you can pull off any hairstyle. If your jaw is long, then you will most likely wear your hair down or avoid styles that allows pulling of the hair on top or at the back.

Round face; soft layers at cheek bone length flatters a round face

Aim for hairstyles that fall around the cheeks. Hairstyles with volume on top of your crown helps to add to the height and elongates the face. Also, if you like bangs, keep them graduated or at an angle towards your cheekbones. If you also have a round neck, extend the choppy layers around the neck so it will downplay any plumpness, giving you a long slender neck. And a slimmer look in all.

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Oval face; looks great with all type of cuts except sometimes, super shorts cuts

This face shape tends to fit all hairstyles. The only issue is that you might want to avoid the super short hairdo. This is due to the fact that your head in itself might not be well suited for the super short look compared to your face shape.

Long face; avoid short cuts and go for styles with more volume and softer waves

If you have a long face, aim for a shorter hairstyle. Avoid straight and sleek hair, even if you do make sure that they are thick and full all around. Instead, go for chin length cuts and see through bangs. Keep the volume low on the crown if your chin is pointy and aim the curls to sway away instead of being curved inwards.

Square shaped faces; Go for soft curves and volume at the crown to soften a square face

Hairstyles that cause one to look soft around the jawline are good for square shaped faces. Short cuts, symmetry styles or anything that will enhance your square shape should be avoided. Things to go for are voluminous crowns, curly waves at the end, side bangs or wispy see through bangs etc.

Heart faced shape; wispy layers and volume on top flatter heart faced shapes

The hairstyle best suited for narrow chin face with wide forehead are fringes which conceals the individual’s hairline. Another option that could also work are choppy styles that can flip out at the ends. You could research more hairstyles that are fit for heart shaped faces and choose your favorite.

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