How to Shed Weight for People Weighing 200 lbs or More


If you weigh 200 lbs or more, there is a probability that you have tried to lose weight through a number of means, but it never worked out, or perhaps you are only scared of taking the bold step of becoming fit. Weight gain comes with a lot of frustrating moments and it sometimes feel like it is never possible to lose weight. The good news here is that it is possible!

Let the past go

Many people tend to hold on to the past, and because of that, they feel too weak to take a step into following a weight loss program. Let the past go, and instead, focus on the present and what you can do to make things right. This way, you will be motivated to lose weight, as you will be compelled to see the beautiful things you still have to do in your future, which won’t be possible if you are overweight as your risk of death is increased.

Losing weight is not really as strenuous as some people think, you just need to know the right things to do. The following ways can help you to shed some weight off, if followed ardently.

1. Drink lemon water

Drinking lemon water every morning is a great way to lose weight, and also a good way to provide the body with some amazing nutritional benefits. This drink contains vitamin C and potassium. Taking it early in the morning will make your system absorb it faster, which aids in boosting the immune system and be effective at weight loss. Ensure that you use a real lemon to make your preparation; it is very easy to do.

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2. Eat high quality protein food

With protein in your diet, you will not be bothered about eating too much, as it helps to satisfy cravings. Protein is also essential to maintain your muscle mass, so that you don’t lose your muscle in the bid to lose weight. It also helps to build block of bones, cartilage, and skin.

3. Don’t focus too much on calories

This is where many people make mistakes; they focus so much on their number of calories that they forget other things involved in their weight gain. Other factors like high cortisol, insulin resistance, excess estrogen, and so many more, are likely to affect your weight. You should instead think of how you can nourish your body by incorporating the right kind of diet into your diet plan and sticking to it.

Losing weight isn’t a day job. It takes a lot of time and effort and you will have to be determined to get what you want. You can write down positive reasons why you should stay fit, in order to motivate yourself. Try to exercises at least 30 minutes daily, and stay physically active all the time.

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