How Skinny Women Can Lift Weights Without Bulking Up

how to get tonned body without bulking up

How Skinny Women Can Lift Weights Without Bulking Up? I get asked this question all the time “Will Skinny Women Bulk Up Lifting Heavy Weights? If You’re a Skinny Woman Who Wants to Gain Weight but Does Not Want to Bulk Up, instead of lifting light weight, I Encourage You to Lift Heavy Weights.

This is the advice from a certified personal trainer who has shaped some of the best beach body’s around.

Regardless if a woman is skinny medium overweight or obese ” lifting heavy weights will not bulk her up.

If a skinny (or overweight) woman points out to me that there indeed exist women who are bulked up or have a thick appearance (such as Amy on “”Lizard Lick Towing””) or women in bodybuilding magazines” I simply explain:

In many cases a thick appearance is from excess body fat covering muscle. However in the cases where the woman has practically no body fat and you can see every fiber in every muscle this is because she has extremely low body fat which is exactly what she aims to achieve for contests and photo shoots.

When their body fat levels rise enough but not too much they have a very toned look: not muscled up and not bulky or thick.

When women actually DO have excessive muscular development they are either using performance enhancing drugs (professional bodybuilding competitions don’t do drug screens) or ” they train for competitions (such as strongwoman or powerlifting) with the goal of lifting enormous amounts of weight.

They aren’t concerned about their appearance; only their performance. Genetics and eating habits also play a role. Many “bulked up” women eat three sandwiches in one sitting to help build muscle” ” but the “bulk” is excess calories stored as fat.

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Regardless of genetics or goals, a woman will not build a lot of muscle overnight. Bulking up is very difficult to do. Women who say they bulk up easily are very misinformed and mistake the “bulk” for body fat. I have witnessed this over and over as a personal trainer.

And especially, a skinny woman doesn’t go from skinny to bulky overnight. If a skinny woman wants to gain weight to look “healthier”  she needs to follow the advice i provided above.

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