How to sleep well in hot weather

how to sleep well in Hot weather

How to sleep well in hot weather

Dinner and Timing

Make sure you dinner is not full of fat or it is too big of a meal. It is recommended to increase the intake of salads, fruits and vegetables to replace the mineral salts lost in sweat. And make sure you do not eat dinner too close to your bedtime.

Drinking fluids throughout the day

Drink water even if you are not feeling thirsty throughout the day. Do not drink alcoholic and energy drinks, they are full if simple super, which actually prevents you from sleeping properly.

Protect your home from the sun

It is advised to block the sun and heat with blinds. You may also want to keep your window closed to prevent hot hair to enter your house.

Prepare your bedroom

Combine Ice with the fan.  Use fans directed to containers with ice cubes so that the air is cooler. During the night, make sure blinds are up and windows are open for cross ventilation to happen.

What should be on your bed

Best cotton sheets are cooler. If you want, you can moisten with warm water. You can also cool your bedding in the fridge before going to sleep and you can do the same with the pajamas. It is also advisable to wear cotton pajamas or, if you prefer, sleep naked.

A shower before going to bed

Take a shower before bed but make sure you are not using cold or hot water. It is better to use warm water to reduce body temperature.

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Exercise is good, but better in the morning

It is better to do sports or physical activity in the morning.  You should avoid physical exertion that generate heavy sweating close to bedtime. Exercise releases adrenaline and nor epinephrine, which elevate the heart rate and body temperature causing one stay active. Not something you want before bed.

Common sense with air conditioning

Although it is not advisable to sleep with an AC on, it is best to regulate the temperature above 24 degrees. But remember if you are sleeping in a very low temperatures, it can cause colds, throat problems, headaches, muscle spasms, and so on.

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