How to Smoothen Your Saggy Stomach Skin


Saggy stomach skin is as a result of excessive generated due to weight loss or post-partum. It is the many folded layers on the abdomen area and sides. This is because when one gains weight, (increased fat in the body) the skin stretches to accumulate the fat in the body, so when one loses weight, the excess skin are what remains. In extreme cases, surgery is required, but before that, there is something that can be done that can help smoothen and hold firm the skin in place. Here are some things to consider:


The foods you eat play an important role in the area of skin tightening and smoothing, such is the type of food you eat like vitamin c produce; they help in tightening up the skin. Any fruits would do and vegetables.

Also taken into consideration are healthy fats that help increase the moisture of the skin which in turn prevents a dry and stretched skin. Omega 3 foods are also advised to be consumed in high quantity as they also aid skin improvement.

Intensive Training2

Exercise is very important and the type of exercise you do should also be put into consideration. If you can afford it, grab the opportunity of having a gym instructor who will guide you on the types of exercise to embark on to tackle excessive skin.

Resistant exercise is the way to go for this skin issue, to help increase lean muscle, and prevent wasting. According to Author Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple who states; that “loose skin may be the result of decreased body mass, including muscle, during weight-loss.” This means that an increase muscle mass in the body will help aid tighten skin and a firmer stomach.  Exercises like front and side planks, bicycle crunches, squats, swimming and many more will aid a firmer body. Research on the different exercises, work with a trainer if possible to attain excellent results

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Stay Hydrated3

A dehydrated skin allows for sagging and wrinkles. Drinking enough water improves the elasticity of the body, making the skin tissues smooth in appearance and softer.  Water naturally aids weight loss, simply consume more than your usual amount for the day and do so consistently. Avoid sugared drinks and alcohol or caffeine. Another thing that helps you drink more water is if you r physical activity levels are high up, the more you work out, the more water you drink.

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