Snacks That Burn Belly Fat


The appetite for eating your favorite instant snacks might be the main reason for the slowly increasing waist line down there. Abdominal fat often aids to the gain of visceral fat, which accumulates itself inside the abdominal walls and becomes metabolically active, raising your inflammation level and risk of obesity as well. Without following a weight-loss diet, no snack or food would magically burn belly fat for you. But these few snacks might give a slight edge to people that are putting their efforts in.

Nuts & Seeds:

These tasty and portable snacks can be the key to your daily off time cravings. Nuts are the one food that every diet plan on earth would definitely contain. These straight from the soil almonds, walnuts or pecans can be the just the crunchy snack that would leave you feel good in your stomach for a few hours. For people that don’t like this category of food much, try chopping and sprinkling these up on your side items or main dishes.


Oats can play a significant role in weight loss. And well, who can’t take oatmeal for a snack? Oats contain a hefty amount of fiber in them, making you feel fuller for a longer time and also boost metabolism. Fiber-rich oat meals stay in your stomach for longer hours, staving off the doughnut run. You can sweeten your oatmeal with berries if you like.

Fish & Lean Meats:

This is a preferable option because your body burns fat faster when digesting protein than carbs or fat. Tuna and salmon are top of the fish list for people on a diet. Along with fish, lean meat such as turkey can also be an option for change of taste. Fish take the upper mark ahead because of their containment of omega-3 which is vital in preventing stress chemicals that promote fatty abs.

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Peanut Butter:

Who would have thought that their favorite childhood snack ingredient would show up on this list? But believe it or not, peanut butter’s ability to keep the digestive system on track makes it one of the facilitating snacks towards weight loss. Moreover, peanut butter is fat rich and contains a good amount of protein as well. Just keep an eye on the portion size of it(not exceeding 2 spoons a day) and peanut butter will be the answer to your mid-day cravings.

Green Tea Smoothies:

“Tea, specially iced green tea, is rich in antioxidants and helps speed up metabolism,” says Mark Ukra, author of The Ultimate Diet. Green tea contains ECGC, which triggers the release of fat from cells, helping our liver’s ability to turn fat into usable energy for the body. According to a Swiss study, Tea-drinking people burn a whooping 226 more calories per day than the people that don’t.

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