Soft Belly Fat Vs Hard Belly Fat


Too much fat in any part of the body is harmful for you, but we’ll be explaining here, or should I say comparing the two types of fat. The soft kind of fat around your waistline that you can easily see and grab is subcutaneous fat, easily referred to as “Soft fat”. According to Harvard Health Publication, 90 percent of the fat on your body is soft fat. On the other hand, hard or visceral fat is located deep in your abdomen. By deep, I mean inside the walls of your abdominal cavity surrounding your organs like liver and intestines. It lies under the muscles inside you if I have to be precise. This article will guide you through a comparison between the two categories of fat on different grounds.

Which One is More Harmful?

A large amount of fat anywhere in the body is harmful for you, but hard or visceral fat in particular is bad. The main reason behind this is the chemicals that hard fat releases causing metabolic stress and inflammation inside your stomach. The most fatal outcome of this kind of fat can be type 2 diabetes along with a chance of other cardiovascular diseases.

Easier to Lose?

This actually depends on what you consider to be easy. But in general and according to a study published in Medicine, Science, Sports & Exercise, Hard fat is easier to lose as compared to your pinch able or soft fat. When a person starts losing weight, it is the visceral fat that burns initially, that is why sometimes a small amount of weight loss can lead to health benefits. For losing soft fat, you will have to go through a proper exercise routine that includes intense workouts for a certain period of time daily. So, in short more physical effort is required to burn soft fat as compared to hard fat.

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How to Lose These Fats?

Following the same old weight loss workout routine would be enough to help you in losing the extra meat around your waistline and toning your stomach, but for reducing the hard fat in your body, you must be motivated to make changes to your overall lifestyle. Take sleeping according to a schedule, drinking more water and quitting smoking for some major examples of activities that may aid towards reduction of visceral fat.

Hard and soft fat also respond differently to the reason that is causing them. That is, if a person takes excessive stress the distribution of fat will be towards the visceral fat levels. On the other hand, over eating and carelessness may cause you to gain visible weight.


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