Staying Mentally and Physically Healthy

Most people desire to feel and look healthy, both physically and mentally. Read on to learn how you can keep your mind and body healthy and in good shape.

Drink water

Drinking water offers you energy and aids you throughout the day. Water further opens your pores and improves the appearance of your skin. So drinking eight cups of water a day during the day is incredibly beneficial for your health.

Follow the food pyramid

You should comply with the food pyramid and consume six or more servings of bread and cereals. Two to
five servings of fruits and veggies, two servings of dairy and meat, and only consume food according to the food pyramid. Doing this will ensure that you get as many servings as needed to get all of the necessary vitamins. You can also eat fats, oils and sweets from time to time.

Get enough sleep

Ensure that you get at the least 8 hours of sleep. If you do’t get enough sleep, you won’t be capable of functioning effectively both mentally or physically all through the day.

Take care of your hair

Washing your hair depends on the type of hair you have. If your hair is very oily, then wash them everyday. But if your hair is dry, wash it on different days so you don’t get caught off guard with dandruff. If your hair gets frizzy while you wash it and you do not have the time to straighten it every day, and also you don’t have the cash to get it expertly straightened, then you definitely have to use dry shampoo. It’s also crucial to brush your hair at least two times a day. This aids in distributing natural oils.

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Read as many books as possible. To be specific, read at least once every day. It is also an amazing idea to read for at least 20 minutes at night, before going to sleep. It is not a must or necessary to finish a 500-page novel in a single day. If you don’t want to commit to starting a novel, you can get reading material online or read magazines.


Ensure that you have got enough leisure time to spare for yourself every day. Use that time to relax and clear your mind and body of the pressure and fatigue accumulated during the course of the day.

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