How to Stimulate the Right Side of Your Brain

The right hemisphere of the human brain is the area of your brain that is responsible for your creativity. Activities such as music, art and any other activity that involves using your imagination are that which the right hemisphere of your brain deals with. In today’s competitive world, imaginative skills are crucial to leading, managing and surviving at the workplace. Even though the right hemisphere of your brain does these thing automatically, you still have a conscious part to play. You can stimulate your right-brain through certain exercises that will cause you to increase your imaginative output. Here are some steps that you can follow to maximize your imaginative powers.

1. Visual meditation guide programs

In Marilee Zdenek’s book, “The Right Brain Experience”, it is advices to listen to a visual meditation guide program. This kind of program helps you to boost your imaginative powers. This program will relax your mind, thus making you more amenable to coming up with bran new insights. These guided meditation or visualization programs are available online or at most bookstores.

2. Singing and playing a musical instrument

Another thing that you can do to boost your creative powers is to sing or learn to play a musical instrument. You can stimulate the auditory cortex of the right hemisphere of the brain by listening to new music. This has been known to improve your creativity and enhance your imagination. Terry Lyles wrote in his book “The Secret to Navigating Life’s Storms” that singing or learning a musical instrument helps to stimulate your creativity.

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3. Go to art class

Another way that you can stimulate the right hemisphere of your brain is by taking an art class. You do not need to have a great artistic ability to join an arts class. If you indulge in this even if you can’t sketch or even trace a drawing, you will still encourage your right-brain to work more than it usually does, thereby improving your creativity. In fact, you might just surprise yourself and start to draw and sketch some real artistic and creative material.

4. Pick up a creative hobby

Another great way to boosts your imagination is to take up a creative hobby that will require you to focus and be creative. You can take up hobbies like knitting, crocheting, sewing etc. In thinking up different patterns and styles, you will inspire the right-side of your brain and improve your overall imaginative prowess. Also, when you focus on a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing project, you will encourage the conceptual part of your right brain to improve and grow.

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