Stop Eating These 5 Foods Which Kill Your Metabolism

Stop Eating These 5 Foods Which Kill Your MetabolismYou ever wonder even after making changes in your diet and working out regularly, why you are still not able to lose weight the way want to. All of your efforts to shed extra pounds of fat are failing due to some of the foods which you believe are healthy but are in fact killing your metabolism. If you avoid 5 foods in your diet, you will be successfully losing your weight. You will be surprised to know which foods are not good for your metabolism and weight loss efforts.

Fruit juices in packaging, whole grains, vegetable oils and peanut butter are common metabolism killers which should not be part of your diet. You should be considering the replacements for these foods so that you benefit from them without disrupting your metabolism.  Next time when you are eating your food, do look for the following 5 foods and avoid them so that you start losing weight.

1. Fruit Juice:

Majority of fruit juices you buy from store are full of sugar which is major culprit wreaking your metabolism. A glass of 8 ounce juice contains 30 grams of sugar which is almost equal to the sugar contained in soda.

2. Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter can ruin your gut health. Peanuts may allow aflatoxins fungus to grow causing to effect the health of your gut. Peanut butter is a metabolism killer food. Almond butter is healthier replacement for peanut butter without killing your metabolism.

3. Canola Oil:

Oil which you eat can keep you from losing last few pounds and stop any weight loss progress. Canola oil is a metabolism death food as it contains hydrogenated oils which disrupts your hormones and metabolism. Using coconut oil as replacement of Canola oil is the best option to boost your metabolism.

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4. Whole Grains:

Whole grains are also metabolism killers as 2 main compounds starch and phytic acid in grains hurt your metabolism.   Starch quickly turns into sugar and phytic acid binds to minerals stopping your body to get most of the minerals and vitamins which could have helped your metabolism.

5. Granola:

It is also a metabolism killer due to its ingredient honey which when processed at high temperature is no better than corn syrup.  Home made snack with nuts, granola and raw honey is much better than the so called “healthy” granola which you buy at your local market.


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