Surviving School While Being Pregnant

Being pregnant while going to school can be a tough challenge, but the recompenses are huge. While girls in college may have the choice to take some time off with no penalties, the same can’t be said for high school girls who every now and then struggle to stay in classes and avoid dropping out.  If you are such a girl who is pregnant while attending school, ask your family and friends to support you during the pregnancy.

Get medical support

Having on-campus health support is one of the most reliable ways to survive school while pregnant. Visit the school nurse and inquire about aids that are obtainable. Except you study at a university with it own hospital, you are not likely to have all your health requirements taken care of on campus. See a regular doctor for additional needs.

Enlist help from friends

Being pregnant while in school is a hectic situation. You’ll need the help of others, such as your friends, to assist you in ways they never have. If your friends have never been pregnant or assist someone who has, they may find it difficult to pick up on your new needs. Converse clearly about things you need.

  • You may need help with errands, with food, and with walking around. Create a schedule and have you friends sign up for shifts

Find mental health support

Your mood might become adjustable every now and then while you’re pregnant, which can be an obstacle in your school performance. Dejection might occur all through pregnancy and is very common subsequently. If you find yourself to be strangely unhappy, have thoughts of hurting yourself, or feelings of desperateness, account this to your doctor like you would a physical pain. Ask your doctor to help find a therapist or a social worker to get you through your depression.

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Treat school like it’s your job

For someone that’s person, school affairs becomes more of a job and less of a social space. As you’re fully taking care of your body, taking care of school work should be need special focus. You might undergo what is sometimes called “baby brain” or the lack of concentration and memory linked with pregnancy. Keep a calendar with all your assignments as well as your doctor’s appointments and other dates.

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