Symptoms and Treatments of Encephalitis

Encephalitis is the inflammation of brain tissues caused by virus and bacterial infection. Encephalitis effects parts of the brain like the frontal lobe and temporal lobe, encephalitis affects people of all ages but people with weak immune system are most likely to suffer encephalitis.

1. Causes of encephalitis

The infection in the brain could be as a result of previous infection of other body parts and then it gradually spreads to the brain. Encephalitis could also be as a result of the direct infection of the brain by certain bacteria or fungi.

Sometimes encephalitis is as a result of a malfunction in the immune system, this malfunction makes the immune system attack different parts of the body or body cell that do not have infection. This might be as a result of previous infection in the body part or growth of a tumor in another part of the body.
Viruses likely to cause encephalitis include: herpes virus, polio virus, coxasackie virus, powassan virus, varicella zoster virus, rabies, measles virus, mumps virus and rubella virus.

2. Symptoms of encephalitis

Symptoms associated with encephalitis take time to manifest but could be very dangerous and could become life threatening. Here are some of the symptoms of encephalitis.

In children encephalitis causes vomiting, bulging fontanel, lack of appetite. In older people, encephalitis causes-frequent seizures, lightheaded feeling, High fever, confusion, loss of sense of smell, memory loss, fatigue, sight problems, speaking disability, breathing difficulty, paralysis, coma and death.

3. Treatments of encephalitis

Encephalitis requires immediate treatment when symptoms are observed or when diagnosed. Here are possible treatments for encephalitis.
Antiviral treatment is done when the cause of encephalitis is a virus. Treatment with steroids and immunoglobulin therapy is done when the encephalitis is as a result of weak immune system.

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Palsmapheris is procedure carried out to remove bacteria or virus causing encephalitis. If encephalitis is caused by a bacteria, Antibiotics are used for treatment, when the cause of encephalitis doesn’t have a cure, symptoms associated with the infection are effectively treated.

Some treatments given to relieve symptoms include-painkillers to reduce any sort of pain. Fluids in a case there are symptoms that cause dehydration, if the affected person is in a coma, oxygen is given to aid breathing through an oxygen mask.

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