How to Take an Abs Selfie Like a Professional


Do you wish to take an abs selfie like the professionals do it? Perhaps you’ve just recently attained your fitness goal and can’t wait to share with the outside world. Don’t we all want to show off some great looking abs and feel absolutely good about it?

Frankly, very few people look good in candid photos, and the rest of us have to be smart about the way we take pictures.If you can afford a top notch photographer, great! Otherwise, you might have to do it yourself. Read on to find out tips on how to take an abs selfie like a professional.

Preparation for the photo shoot:

1. Body hair

Shaving your body is a great way to make yourself look much more defined but do not do it the week before a photo-shoot! You will look like a culled goose. Start body shaving at least 2 months before and let your skin get used to it. Most importantly, make sure your skin is smooth and free from hair.

2. Skin and tanning

Giving your skin a healthy look will really enhance your photos. The best thing to do is to just use normal hand lotion or olive oil. After application of the oil or hand lotion, take a towel and scrub everything off, every last bit.  This will give you a healthy look. Also, you’ll want to avoid going hard on the baby oil.

3. An uncluttered background

You don’t need a white photographic back drop but make sure that the background does not distract from your image! If you are taking a photo in the bathroom, close the door, remove the towels and anything else that can be taken out.

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4. Background lighting and color

The background needs to be approximately the same brightness as you are otherwise your camera will make your image both too bright and washed.  Also, mind the color of the background so you don’t become invisible and blend into your background.  If you have a darker complexion, use a white or light background.  If you are white, then use a darker background.

5. Shoot, upload, review, and re-shoot

Ever taken a selfie and noticed something unusually disturbing in the background? There is usually something wrong in your first round of photos. Your first photos will fail, know this and don’t be discouraged. Just make sure to re-shoot at least two times to get optimal photos – take your time!

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