When To Take A Vitamin B-12 Supplement

What is the Best Time to Take Vitamin B12 Supplements1

Naturally, Vitamin B-12 is naturally found in fish, poultry, clams, eggs and dairy products. It’s also found in breakfast cereals and bread products. There are some people who find it difficult to absorb this vitamin easily, and to help prevent the deficiency of vitamin B-12, one has to be able to know when to take it and how to take it for it to be more effective.

However, there is this “general rule” which is: “there is no existing rule on when to take your vitamin B-12 supplements”. One should take these vitamins at the times it is convenient for them. For some people it is best at breakfast, for others just before bed especially if it will upset their stomachs.

You can also take it with a meal to help lessen your discomfort if you generally don’t like the taste of medicine or just this one in particular. Sometimes the other supplements that do not contain vitamin B-12 properties might affect the vitamin B 12 supplements, so it’s best to be aware.

Here are some specific phases or periods when you might have more reason to take vitamin B-12 supplements:

1. Low Blood cells

Vitamin B-12 can help your body produce the right amount of red blood cells that it needs if it’s low on red blood cell count. A number of things could be a reason for these and an example is Pernicious Anemia, it could cause the effect of low red blood cells in the body in which Vitamin B-12 can fight.

2. Slow Body Developments

Another factor to note on when to take this supplement is when you start experience slow body growth and development. This one of vitamin B-12’s biggest jobs: to help your body grow and develop naturally over time.

3. Low on Energy

Vitamin B12 helps the body with energy. Constantly feeling tired or sluggish? You may be lacking in vitamin B-12. For a fact, most doctors often give patients suffering from chronic fatigue vitamin B-12.

4. Mental or Emotional Problems

Anything could be the reason for this deficiency, not just the lack of vitamin B-12. However, if you feel stressed or down or just mentally tired, then you might want to try some vitamin B-12.

5. At-Risk for Heart Disease

Another major reason you might need vitamin B-12 is if you are at risk of a heart disease or your doctor has told you that you are. Vitamin B-12 can help your body reduce your homocysteine levels, which is important, as this is one factor that can cause heart disease.


The body responds differently to drugs and supplements, dissolving some easily while others need to be included in food, or taken as an injection. So before rushing out to get this supplement, be sure to confirm from your doctor if it is needed for you and in what proportions.

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