That Perfect Cereal

In love with cereals? Here are four super tips to help you get that perfect cereal. Cereals are more times than not eaten in the morning as breakfast and some people argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Thus it is good to get the very best out of every breakfast. Since most people may be rushing to catch the bus or train, trying to meet up with time at the office they rarely get the chance to cook real food, so the resort to a faster means and cereals are the perfect tools for such fast or ready made food.

But it is sad, that even individuals who value their breakfast the most, don’t know how to get the very best from the cereals they eat. This tips would help you get the best out of your cereal.

1. Check for portion regulation

There is really no absolute or standard size for serving cereals, as the consumption depends on the individual and the individual’s state when eating cereal. Regardless of this, one should look for cereals that list the average serving size per meal, maybe half cup or full cup per serving.

This is very important, so that one does not indulge in over eating, so that there would be a form of moderation on what and how you eat. Also if the cereal has a higher density, such as granola- or high fiber varieties, lean towards the smaller serving size.

2. Look out for what the cereal has most

Often times when we buy cereals, we don’t look at what nutritional benefit it would have, we rather buy it because may be it looks like something we would enjoy, or we love the packaging. This act is not good, because we buy things and we don’t know the benefit of it, or its effect on us.

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When we enter the grocery store and we want to pick up a cereal, we should try and look out for a hearty combination of protein and fiber and also aim for at least 3 grams of each nutrient per serving.

3. Ignore some claims

It is very important that we ignore some claims that we see on the pack of our cereals, as some are not true. We should ignore claims like no artificial ingredients. Those claims are not necessarily false.

But if you are looking to get some extra wholesome nutritious food into your diet and you are looking to eat more real food, you are not going to get that from a processed cereal.

4. Check out for the sugar content

This part is very important. As we need sugar in our body, we know that its amount in the body should also be moderated. It may be written on the pack that the cereal contains no high fructose corn syrup.

Yes this may be true, but there`s probably plenty of other sweeteners, so we should read the labels carefully and also watch out for sodium levels and saturated fats, both of which are frequently added to enhance flavor.

Also look for cereals with less than 10 grams of added sugar per serving. Following these tips well, you would be able to get the best out of that cereal.

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