Some Things to Be Aware of That Cause Bloating

Many women prefer to ignore or turn a blind eye to the number of times they pass gas. It is natural to pass gas and one should not be embarrassed by it. When you have a flat stomach at all times then that is abnormal, because when you eat or drink something, space in your stomach is occupied. This automatically means expansion because your stomach and intestines are filled. Having your belly inflate doesn’t mean that you are eating wrongly, however, if your abdomen is too swollen then you should know that there is something wrong with your diet. Here are some factors that cause bloating that you should avoid in your daily diet.

1. Broccoli, kale & cabbage

These vegetables, although healthy, cause bloating because they contain a sugar called raffinose that remains undigested until the bacteria in your gut ferments it. This becomes gas which makes you bloat. This should not cause you to be driven away from these foods however. Instead, eat them in a limited proportion because they make for a stronger, healthier digestive system, making it less likely for you to bloat.

2. Legumes

Almost everyone knows that beans, soybeans, lentils, peas etc can cause you to pass gas. Although they are very healthy and a very rich source of proteins, they contain sugars and fibers which the body cannot digest, thus the bacteria in your gut goes to work on them. As a result, it can cause bloating, hence the passing of gas and the ballooning of your waist. This should not cause you to avoid them though, because you can stop the bloating while still eating it. You must take it with grains that are easily digestible, such as rice. Note that you should not eat it rarely but if you take it too often, your body will become used to it.

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3. Dairy

Anyone who is lactose intolerant will pass gas if he/she consumes diary products because they lack the enzymes which break down lactose. This can cause gas to form in the GI tract, which may cause bloating. Lactose intolerant people should avoid dairy products and instead use dairy free products. Also, there are lactase tablets like lactaid which will help in breaking down lactose in foods and thereby stop you from bloating.

Note that these three kinds of foods are just some of the foods that cause bloating.

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