Things to Do With Coconut Oil

There are endless things you can do with coconut oil. This natural gift is good for a great number of things that will surprise you, writing them here will take forever. Here are a few compiled ones to help. you can also search to find out more benefits of using coconut oil.

1. Moisturize your skin

They are very good moisturizers. They help to make the skin shine, instead of looking dry. It might look oily but leave it on for a few seconds and see how beautiful it turns your skin. Use it like every other lotion.

2. Conditioner

Is your hair dry and lacking the glow it needs? Coconut oil as your perfect conditioner is absolutely good for your hair. It will help to build the cells responsible for hair growth and help to treat your scalp as well.

3. Weight loss

Instead of using the usual fats for cooking why not substitute with coconut oil as it is much healthier taking the place of unhealthy fats and dropping more calories in return. Plus it is an energy booster which helps to make exercising easier and also aids in losing weight.

4. Fungal infections

It is also a healing factor for fungi issues. They can easily enter the fungal membrane which is the center of life for the fungus, leading to the destruction of the fungus as a whole. Consistent and precise use of this oil will get your fungal infection cleared.

5. Wound care

They are also great for healing wounds, not the big gash but the subtle kind. A very essential need in your first aid kit. You can mix some with honey for a quicker effect.

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6. Dry nostrils

Ever feel like digging your nose and you are in a social area and you know it is inappropriate? Putting some coconut oil in your nose will help to prevent the picking of dry mucus. Use a little, you don’t want to have a runny nose either.

7. Constipation relief

A tablespoon of coconut oil on an empty stomach will aid easy flow in your digestive system. And if you are facing a much more serious problem, 2 tablespoons would do the trick.

8. Fade sun spots

This can be used for a variety of skin types on blemishes, spots, and acne too. It can aids in smoother skin. Do this daily for effective results.

9. Bags-be-gone

Do your eyes look exhausted, feel heavy and have puffy bags underneath your eyes? This beauty treatment will help to restore your eyes back to normal. Simply dab some oil on the affected area every night to reduce puffiness or dark bags when you wake up.

8. Say goodbye to a sore throat

A very good treatment for sore throat, however, painful. It helps to soothe the voice. Simply swallow ½-1 teaspoon up to 3 times daily to ease the pain, before bed and when you wake up after brushing. For added effect, mix it with honey.

9. Prevent stretch marks

These are as a result of genetics, growth or pregnancy or weight gain. There is no magic other than exercise, diet and coconut oil. Simply put some on the affected area and massage gently doing so consistently. You can add some cocoa butter and coconut oil for god moisturizing effect.

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