Three Exercises for Your Rotator Blades After Injury

People get shoulder injuries because of an issue with your rotator cuffs. This is quite a painful experience and takes a while to heal. The healing can be boosted however with the sought of foods you eat like eggs, meat, beans etc.

Apart from that there are exercises also that boosts the flexibility of your arm so that in no time the flexibility of your shoulders will return as your rotator cuffs are strengthened. Three great exercises are given below.

1. Doorway stretch

This exercise is simple and only requires an open door way, so that you do not need a gym for this you can start to do this as you begin to heal a bit.

First you prepare your muscles, even as you stand by the doorway by spreading your arms out at your side. After this you hold firmly the sides of the opened doorway with each hands at either the same or below your shoulder level and lean forward until you feel a slight tug to you shoulder.

Remember to keep a straight back as you lean and shift your weight on your toes. Note do not overstretch otherwise the exercise will have negative effects instead of the positive result.

2. Side-lying external rotation

As you get better, you can add this one also to your doorway stretching. All you require is a light dumbbell and you’ll be good to do.

Lie down on your side of the uninjured arm and keep your head raised cupping it in your uninjured hand’s palm. Your elbow will serve as the support or foundation to your hand cupping your head. Your injured hand should be resting on your abdomen. Hold your light dumbbell and still keeping your injured arm’s elbow resting on your side swing the dumbbell inward, towards your stomach and outward motion up. Hold the dumbbell in position for a few seconds when you reach up then repeat this exercise for at least 10 times, three times a day. Note that  when you do this you feel a strain on your shoulder then stop, not to do this.

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3. Lawn mower pull

All you need is only a resistance band for this exercise. Stand with your feet at shoulder length apart and place your feet with no injured arm on the resistance band. Place your uninjured hand on your waist and holding the other end of the band pull diagonally across your body as if starting a lawn mower or an old generator but in a slower motion. Remember to be relaxed and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you stand.

Note that it is advisable to get approval from the doctor to do these exercises, since some injuries are very serious.

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