Three Quick Cardiovascular Workouts

It is very common for people to blame time as the reason for which they did not exercise or skip their cardio workout. People usually assume that you need at least 30 minutes to do some cardio workout that will be beneficial for your health. This notion is wrong however, because you can achieve the same results as those who do long cardio workouts with some short cardio exercise. If you are facing that issue of not having enough time, well then here are some exercises that you can do to that don’t take much time.

 1. Body weight squat

This cardiovascular exercises also strengthens your core and helps with ab building apart from being a good cardiovascular exercise.

How it is done:

Stand in such a way that your back is ramrod-straight, with your legs spread a little bit, and place your hand on the back of your head. Then lower yourself into a sitting position and hold this position for 3 seconds. Repeat this 36 times and then move to the next exercise.

2. Body weight alternating lunge

This is a great cardiovascular exercise and is quite effective with building your abs.

How it is done:

Stand straight and spread your legs and place your hands on the back of your head. Then lower yourself down on your right leg and stretch it vertically so your heels are resting on the ground. At the same time, your left legs should be stretched behind with your knees resting on the ground. Do this about 10 times and then repeat this for the other leg.

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 3. Body weight jump squat

This exercise is another great exercise for the heart which will help you stay fit and save your time.

How it is done:

Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor.  Then jump up as high as you can. Keep doing this for about 20 seconds and then move on to the next exercise.

Note that you must repeat these series for three rounds without any rest. You can finish this within fifteen minutes and move on to do your daily activities. Hence, your time problem will be solved and you will still get to keep yourself fit.

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